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Trail Riding Practices


This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure responsible and considerate use of equestrian riding trails, create a positive relationship between riders and other trail users while protecting wildlife and the environment. All riders accessing public and private lands should adhere to this Code.

  1. Landowner rider registration number: You must display your rider registration number in the manner specified by the landowner.
  2. Insurance: When riding on public or private lands you should have third-party public liability insurance with a minimum cover of not less than €6.5 million for any one accident.
  3. Always wear a riding helmet: Under no circumstances will you be mounted unless wearing a fastened NSAI approved horse-riding helmet.
  4. Always wear high visibility and reflective wear for rider and horse:
    • High visibility and reflective wear will help other trail users to see you and your horse earlier and gives them more time to plan where best to position themselves. This will be especially helpful to trail users who are unfamiliar with or nervous around horses.
  5. Ride with respect: You will act in a manner that shows respect and due care for other trail users and their property. This means you must take personal responsibility for always managing and controlling your behaviour and that of your horse:
    • Always trot or walk when passing other users, including other riders.
    • Always walk at corners and blind spots
    • Always yield to pedestrians and cyclists on multi use trails
    • Be prepared to stop if required or requested
  6. Respect livestock and wildlife: Where tracks run adjacent to fields with livestock or where you encounter livestock or wildlife on the trail take due care:
    • Do not cause undue stress to livestock or wildlife
    • Be prepared to reduce your speed to trot or walk
    • Give them plenty of space
  7. Respect the landowners and their employees: You are being given access to these trails with the permission of the owner of the land:
    • Ride only on the trails designated for horse riding
    • Follow instructions on signs erected by the landowner
    • Be courteous to land owner, their family and employees, representatives and contractors working in the area
    • Do not ride onto adjacent private lands without specific permission
    • Act responsibly and report trail hazards and maintenance issues, in a respectful manner
  8. Respect the countryside and adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace Ireland:
    • Bring your rubbish and recyclables home to dispose of properly
    • Be considerate of natural habitats and nesting grounds, throughout the year.
    • When possible, on shared trails, move your horse off the trails before it dungs, otherwise, if it is safe to do so and you can remount quickly and easily, dismount and kick the dung off the trails.
  9. Horse identification: An incident may occur where you may be separated from your horse. For the welfare of your horse, you should ensure it has a visible identification badge with your name and phone number, your yard phone number and your vets phone number.  
  10. Know your riding ability: If you are not confident that you have the riding skills to adhere to this Code, consider working with a riding coach until you are satisfied that you do not constitute a danger to yourself or other trail users.

I have read, understand, and support this Code of Conduct